A word from your sports editor

Norman Bird '12

I am Norman Bird ’12, the first Sports Editor of the Tower Pulse. Even though this is my first year on staff,  I am confident in this section of the Pulse, and I want it to be used like SI.com (Sports Illustrated). We hope to have tabs for every team for readers to click on. This tab will contain roster info and playmakers from each game. We will have box scores after every game containing the score of the game and major contributors to the game. There will be video interviews posted every week of coaches, players, and fans for their pre-game and post-game comments. I also want to have a video compilation of the Top 10 plays from the games going on each week. Lastly, on the front page there will be players of the week with a brief description of their accomplishments. If you have any ideas or something you would like to see on the sports page, please contact me at [email protected]