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Student Council Members Share Homecoming Experience

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Madi Dettlinger and Kelly Cullen, both '13 at the Junior's last float party

We sit in assembly line formation discussing the highs and the lows of homecoming, while our fingers frantically fold tissue paper.  Five bags of pom-poms later, it is time for some background painting.

Homecoming is known for the glossy posters taped throughout the hallways, the parade, the football game, and the excitement of the pep assembly.   But for members of the Student Association and Student Council, Homecoming is filled with long hours, paint-stained clothes and breadstick bribes to lure our classmates to attend the float parties. But when all is said and done, we have fun working, spending time together and building close bonds with our fellow classmates.

Paint is a very valuable resource at the float parties.  We have all learned from experience the sinking feeling that a cup of paint and a gust of wind can create.  From the looks of it, many of the female volunteers will need to make an appointment at the nail salon, considering our fingers are stained with paint.

When it comes time to measure and cut paper for posters and banners, everyone suddenly disappears.  Trying to avoid being the one who has to cut the paper or holding it down so the wind won’t tear it away, it’s hard to get volunteers for this job.

Kristie Philliben and Jenna Kuess show school spirit on the Juniors Spirit Day

The stress of Homecoming can also be seen on our phone bills.  You know it’s serious when we pull out the yellow pages, calling all juniors by their landlines. We would like to apologize for all the awkward phone calls that may have been received by your parents.

Homecoming also brings many memorable moments.  Dancing along with our fellow stu-co members to “Moves Like Jagger” and blowing up everyone’s newsfeeds on more than one occasion, with mobile uploads of ourselves is an experience that cannot be matched.

And nothing can compare to the feeling of being covered in paint and glue knowing our long hours will be filled with memories and relationships that we made with our classmates and advisers. When it comes time to decorate our hallway, and everyone in our grade has come together to scream and run through the school, everything we’ve done is worth it.

We could not be here without our amazing advisers, Ms. Kuess and Mrs. Philliben who have been with us since we were little freshman and made all of this possible.  We have all become very close with them over the years of countless float parties and meetings. They take so much time out of their schedules to be our advisers and we are so thankful for them.

 Hopefully, by the end of this, we will still have some friends left after all the nagging and time spent away.  Through all the triumphs and disasters, homecoming week always pays off in the end and the memories we make will last forever.

The girls show off their paint stained clothing at the float party.

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Student Council Members Share Homecoming Experience