Above and beyond: attending an Ivy League


On the left we have Madison Duff ’23 who is going to Brown University. On the right is Ava Carr ’23 who is going to Dartmouth College.

Joseph Strong '25, Staff Writer

Thousands of students across the country apply to Ivy League schools, but few manage to get accepted. Some of those students who try to apply and some that do get in are here in South.
Madison Duff ’23 was accepted into Brown University, where she will major in economics. Before accepting the offer however, Duff said she was split between choosing the University of Michigan or Brown University.
“I was able to talk to people from both the Applied Mathematics Department and the Economics Department, and they were saying how at Michigan, I would have gotten a business degree,” Duff said. “If I went into applied mathematics, it would give me more kinds of options.”
With Brown’s open curriculum, which is a curriculum with no general requirements, she is able to pursue her interests outside of mathematics.
“I’m interested in business, but I also like psychology, and I’m in Spanish right now,” Duff said. “I can still pursue them, like taking classes in psychology and Spanish.”
Another student who is also attending an Ivy League school is Ava Carr ’23, who is going to be a freshman at Dartmouth in New Hampshire and is planning on majoring in biomedical engineering. There are many reasons why she decided to go to Dartmouth, but the research being done there was the biggest attraction.
“Research is what drew me to Dartmouth because they have programs specifically for women in STEM,” Carr said.
Prestige was also one of the major factors that led Carr to pick Dartmouth.
“Obviously, prestige did play a factor because that helps as you go to apply to medical school or use it to go and get jobs later,” Carr said.
While Carr is at Dartmouth, she hopes to participate in many after school-activities.
“I’d love to join some sports teams while I’m there and maybe an a cappella group because Dartmouth has a really cool a cappella scene,” Carr said.
While Carr believes that this is a good decision, she might have made it too quickly.
“I wish I’d thought about this decision a little bit earlier,” Carr said. “Beyond prestige, you have to look at what fits well for you. So in the end, Dartmouth is what feels good to me.”