Round Robin record, 2-1

Maggie O'Brien '25, Staff Writer

On our home turf, taking two wins and one close loss, varsity softball dominated their Round Robin. On May 6, the varsity softball team had three games and played a hard long day with a strong coaching staff holding them up.

There are many things that can go into having two wins then a loss. Varsity assistant coach and hitting instructor, Molly Clexton said that Round Robin days are very different from regular game days, and it is harder to keep your stamina up for the whole day.

“The first game specifically, we came ready to play and started the day off really strong,” Clexton said. “They were a really good hitting team, and were definitely in it to win it.”

During softball season, the varsity coaches decide to pull up JV players during every Round Robin so those players have the opportunity to get the varsity experience. Sophomore, Kelsie George, is a JV player and has gotten pulled up to every Round Robin this season. George said she values the time she spreads learning what it is like to play up on varsity.

“When JV girls get pulled up we get to play at least one of the games,” George said. “When I do have a chance to show what I can do on the field or running the bases, I always try to do my best and everyone is always super hype.”

Most of the teams at South have captains and being one comes with different responsibilities than not being one. Junior captain, Avery Bellish, said that specifically during Round Robin days, she has to help the coaches with keeping everyone on track and focused so they can play with their best ability while noticing the things that the team as a whole can do better on.

“We have breaks in between games so when it comes to everyone rewarming up, me and the other captains help to keep us on that schedule,” said Bellish. “Something I noticed about us during the last game is that we just have to be louder and yes we were loud but I think the problem was that it wasn’t louder than them.”When spoken to about captain’s jobs on the field, Clexton agrees with them playing an important role in their games.

“Our captains do a really good job of leading the team not only by example but also in terms of encouragement,” Clexton said. “Our senior captain, Katie Steiner, is always the loudest and always making sure everyone is talking and doing what they need to do, not only in the dugout but on the field as well.”George said that the environment that South softball has is an important aspect to how they were able to win the first two games and how they have won games in the past.“The games have a very good atmosphere, the girls always support each other and it is just a really cool thing to look up to,” George said. “Even though I am being pulled up, I still feel like I am very much a part of the team.”