The run for rule


Student Council Association meeting on April 28th getting together and talking about how to run for a position.

Ronin McCraken '26, Staff Writer

Whether it’s for treasure, historian, secretary, or even president, the race for any position on student council takes commitment, patience and leadership to successfully score a title.

Preparing for the student council elections requires students to put themselves out there. They also need to get some signatures and compete with other students if they really want a position on the council. But even if they are not on the council there are still plenty of ways for them to support their school and community.“When I ran for class president I think the most important part of my campaign was putting myself out there,”Lily Stidham ’23 class president said.

When running for a position, a student will definitely need to get out there and assert themself in order to collect as many votes as possible and show people what they are like, says Stidham. When trying to show their ideas and opinions on what changes they would make, there will be competition with other students that have different views, students must prove that they are the best option, says Meg Pierce.“Some classes have students who are running unopposed,” Student Association Leader Meg Pierce said. “While others have multiple people running, the class of 2025 seems to be the most competitive.”

With all of the competition for the elections, some positions for the council are gonna be sought after a lot more than other positions, like the president, said Nicole Westfall.“The class of 2025 has a lot of people running.” class of ’26 advisor Nicole Westfall said. “For example, four students are running for President.“

With all of the people running for these positions, it means for some people they will eventually be kicked off. This is so that there is more room on the student council for any and all new students that have been elected, says Pierce. Even if they are not on student council, they can still find ways to help and support their school by being on student association, which does a number of things to be of service to the whole community.

“It could mean new leadership in some cases, but not all,” Pierce said. “Most of the candidates have been involved in Class Council or Student Association, and Class Council and Student Association are separate bodies. Class Council builds homecoming floats and fundraises for prom, while Student Association does school-wide events and activities.”