New year, new faces, new goals

Jet Miller '24, Staff Writer

Jet Miller ’24

Heidi Bryan Class of 2026 President-

Heidi Bryan ’26 has been a dedicated member of student government since the first float parties in the summer before her freshman year. Although it started as a joke, her race for office soon became serious as she moved on with the process of gathering signatures from fellow students.

“It’s a little scary because you don’t know who’s going to win, and you never know when the results are going to come out,” Bryan said.
Now that the election is over, Bryan’s worry has subsided and she has turned her focus to raising money for next year’s homecoming, as well as prom.



Jet Miller ’24

Ava Biter Class of 2025 Secretary-

With nearly two years’ experience, Ava Biter ’25 feels more than ready to size up in her role in Student Government. Although she had to undergo an intimidating election process, and although her new role would inevitably bring with it larger responsibilities, Biter feels confident in her ability to get the job done well.
“I like having a voice in decision making, and also, I like being the person to share information (with) people,” Biter said.



Jet Miller ’24

Isabella Haindl Class of 2024 President-

For three years, Isabella Haindl ’24 has worked hard representing the class of 2024, and now she is reaping the rewards. As the re-elected president of her class, Haindl is hopeful for the future, with her main focus centered on prom. As of right now though, Haindl is in the process of deciding on her class’ theme for the upcoming year’s Homecoming.
“I want to have a great senior year, and I feel (that in order) to start that off, we have to have a great theme.”



Jet Miller ’24

Vivian Rizer Class of 2024 Vice President-

After a year as Vice President under her belt, Vivian Rizer ’24 has been re-elected, and she is more than prepared to do what it takes to ensure the class of 2024 has a good senior year. Taking pride in her work, Rizer focuses her energy mainly on raising money for prom.
“It’s cool to be able to work hard and raise money for our prom that we’re going to have next year,” Rizer said. “That’s the main goal of student council that people don’t often realize.”



Jet Miller ’24

Abby Brink Student Association President-

When the position of SA president became available, Abby Brink ’24 knew she was the person for the job, and she took it. Unlike those involved with Class Council, Brink’s responsibilities extend beyond her grade and to the entire student body. Despite the seemingly daunting nature of her position, Brink is steadfast in her goals for the upcoming year.
“I really want to make sure there’s more school spirit because we don’t really have a lot of that,” Brink said. “I think it would be fun to do more activities with Devil’s Den, and also spirit weeks and events like the pep assembly.”



Jet Miller ’24

Lina Baer Student Association Treasurer-

Lina Baer ’24 has been an active member of Student Association since freshman year, and with this abundance of experience, she decided it was finally time to take on a bigger role in the club. Now holding the position of Treasurer, Baer’s responsibilities will extend to managing the money collected by various fundraisers, which will then be appropriated to pay for things such as pep rallies and prom. As for her goals, Baer keeps it clear and concise:
“(I want to) make the school a better place,” Baer said.



Jet Miller ’24

Lyssie Moody Student Association Secretary-

With experience in Student Government reaching back to Freshman year, Lyssie Moody ’24 decided she would enter herself into the running for Secretary in the upcoming year. After going through with the required processes of election, Moody earned the position and hit the ground running. As she prepares for the upcoming year, Moody is focused on expanding the student government to be more representative of the student body.
“In general, we don’t have that big of a crowd at the meetings, so I think it would be nice if we can recruit a lot more people so we can get a bigger vote on the decisions that we (make) like Homecoming,” Moody said.