South sailing team qualifies for nationals


Sophia Kapla '23, Staff Writer

The south sailing team took a long road trip to New Jersey to compete in Mallory Nationals. The team has been preparing for this and was very excited to participate. They qualified for the first time since 2018 which is huge. In the past four years, they have been super close to qualifying for Mallory and have made it to Phoebe King (the next biggest national regatta) but they couldn’t quite make it to Mallory till this year.

The sailing team has been practicing and took a long drive to New Jersey this past weekend. Although some seniors are not traveling with the team it’s exciting to see the team compete and represent their school and team.

Coach Christina Noland says that she is very proud of the kids putting in the work and achieving their goals.

“It is one hundred percent because of these kids and their hard work and determination,” Noland said. “It’s about their collective work ethic, and it just works! These kids just operate on a positive vibe, and I’m so proud of them.”

Noland also says from a coach’s standpoint it’s so cool to see the south sailing journey and watch it grow.

“The south sailing journey started the same time I did,” Noland said. “The juniors and seniors are the ones that began with me in 2019 and 2020 as 8th graders. We have lost and gained some kids throughout the way and just the right underclassman sprinkled in, and all of them are very driven and grew as a team.”

Gavin Webster ’24 says he was super proud of the team and how far they have come.

“I’m stoked for nationals and super proud of the team, we have not qualified for this national championship since 2018,” Webster said. “Our seniors couldn’t join us, but I’m excited for some of our younger talent to have had a chance to compete on such a high level.”

Colin Hexter ’23 says that although he couldn’t go he says that his sailing season has been very memorable.

“This season has had so many memories, and I’m grateful for this team,” Hexter ’23 said. “I am proud of the team that qualified for nationals this year since it has been a few years since we have.”