Jansons’ Journey to All State


With a stunning display of skill, speed, and endurance, a high school track star makes headlines by winning all states for hurdles and shattering South’s track records.

Selga Jansons ’23 has been running track since 7th grade and now, as a high schooler, runs the 100 meter hurdles for South’s track and field team. After an enormous amount of hard work she achieved 5th place for the 100 meter hurdles at the states meet in 2022, making her an all state champion.

Coach Stephen Zaranek describes the moment he found out that she qualified as “rewarding”. Jansons’ improvement in her sophomore and junior year was tremendous. Although her freshman year was non-existent because of COVID, she did not fail to succeed. Jansons became the second runner in south’s history to break the 15 second barrier, with her personal record of 14.9 seconds. Jansons does have a lot of advantages towards repeating this accomplishment but also there are some disadvantages as well. During this, she needs to have a balance of experience and her desire to contribute, along with handling added pressure.

“Selga represents what we look for from all of our track and field athletes,” Zaranek said. “And that’s a desire to contribute to being a great teammate.”

Agreeing with Zaranek, Jansons’ teammate, Adelina Parikh ’25 who also runs the 100 meter hurdles, described Jansons as a really good teammate who she often looks up to.

“Her form is so gorgeous,” Parikh said. “When she goes over the hurdle it’s like she’s just taking a step.”

However, her skills did not come naturally, as she spent years of hard work and extra hours in order to meet the times she now runs. Jansons said she often struggles with burnout and that it can be difficult to go to practice everyday.

“Honestly, it’s worth it to do it for the team and the coaches,” Jansons said. “They’ve become a second family to me, and going to practice and hanging out with them makes it worth it.”

As well as dealing with burnout, Jansons endures pressure from coaches and her parents, but most of all herself. She said that many people expect her to live up to her “all state” title which can be a high demand.

“This is my last year and I want to do my very best,” Jansons said. “I don’t want to end it on a note where I feel I could’ve done better.”

Jansons says that she finds her motivation in her teammates and the positive attitudes that they bring to the team.

“The support from them is just so cool,” Jansons said. “Like when I’m doing an event and they are all just watching and cheering me on.”