Five Minutes with physical therapist Cam Mills

Kelly Gavagan '23, Staff Writer

Kelly Gavagan ’23

Whether a student rolls their ankle or develops shin splints, athletic trainer Cam Mills can help South’s athletes with whatever injury they’ve endured. Mostly working with athletes with a high injury rate: football, soccer, lacrosse, he is equipped to assist anyone with any kind of injury that is bothering them if need be.

“I’m always available in the training room from the end of school to the end of the last practice of the day,” Mills said.

As a physical therapist, Mills said he has seen a variety of injuries, though he argues ankle sprains tend to be the most common.

“I generally see a good amount of shin or knee pain from running, (which are) seen in numerous different sports,” Mills said. “ When it comes to acute injuries, ankle sprains are probably the most frequent.”

Being a sports fanatic, Mills said the combination of his two passions, sports and healthcare, made the choice to pick his profession easy.

“I became an athletic trainer because it was the perfect blend of being in a position to help people, but also remain in the athletics field,” Mills said.