Pack a punch with Creed III


Morgan Payne '24, Photographer

Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors did a wonderful job of portraying: love, brotherhood, and connection while also demonstrating hurt fear, and anger in their new movie Creed III.

If you’re looking for a turn of events and parallels this idea would be the movie for you. When I first heard about the movie by Witnesses Trailers I was so excited. At the time I didn’t have any type of background on why Johnathan Majors and Michael B Jordan had to fight or what made their fight so special. I’m in awe knowing the background of their past, their mentalities made the chemistry much more powerful.

This movie is now a part of my top 10 of my favorites not only because my celebrity crush is in the movie but because this movie is a black-produced production. We must recognize black producers and directors because I feel like a lot of people don’t realize that “actors” are more than the characters they are portraying on screen.

Mind, soul, and body were the combination that was needed to play these roles. It took me a lot of strength to watch this movie and I couldn’t imagine having to be in the making.

This isn’t your average sports movie, by making this movie relatable to its audience Michael B Jordan explains that one of the main scenes in the movie was based on a specific anime fight called “Naruto”. When I listened to this interview between Michael B Jordan and Dratwordon their talk show I was surprised that this movie was related to an outside source. I feel like we don’t hear that too often.

Although the movie was eye-watering I feel as if the daughter’s role could’ve been expanded or given more screen time. In Creed 2 Adonis (Michael b Jordan) and his wife have just had their first child towards the end of the movie. I would have liked to see their daughter a little bit more toward the end, especially since she took so much interest in her father’s boxing.

This movie might make you want to get up and turn your life around, take up a new hobby, spend more time with your family, or maybe tap into your inner spirit.