From prey to predator, The fourth installation in the John Wick series excites cinemas once again

Vincent Maffesoli '24, Page Editor

Above is the movie poster for John Wick 4. Courtesy of IMbD. (via IMDB)

“He killed 2 men with a pencil”. John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, has become a mythic legend over the past few years. Appearing in multiple video games and being referenced in TV shows, the release of the fourth installation of Wick has gained even more admiration from its viewers.

If this were just an average John Wick movie, most viewers would say it’s above average. With its spruce suits, glamorous guns and awe-inspiring action, I would not deny these claims. Wick has been through a lot–with the death of his wife, dog and the destruction of his beloved car in the first films, he just wanted to be left alone. Wick, no longer wanting to be the prey, instead becomes the predator.

However, I would say predator is an understatement, because unlike the alien, he doesn’t hold back. Wick kills over 140 people in the movie–that’s roughly 1.2 deaths every minute. The action is nonstop, with quite literally the flashiest and most beautiful fight scenes I’ve ever seen. The film has great shots and fantastic views, so you won’t miss out on any of the fighting. The color grading just adds to the overall vibe, which is a common theme in previous Wick films. With striking blues, reds and purples, it’s clear that the effects crew took their time when you watch the attention to detail in this movie.

With the scenes being as long as they are, the cameras capture some really great moments. For example, when Wick was in Paris, he jumped out of a window while being shot at. Falling roughly 5-6 floors and landing halfway onto a street car, he slams into the ground, gets up and walks away. To say that he’s a trooper is an understatement.

I also want to mention the soundtrack. If you’re a person who loves movies with a good record, this is for you. With music etched into each scene, we get to see a lot of how Wick is feeling from the music. From loud techno to somber tunes, the soundtrack frames this movie perfectly.

All in all, the movie run time is around two and a half hours, which is long, so if you plan on seeing it, definitely have some snacks on hand. I would say this is one of top new movies this year, with the gross box office being $137.5 million. All the pieces of it melding together, “John Wick 4” should be on your 2023 watchlist.