Wellness week offers students a variety of de-stressing activities

Jacob Ashkar '23, Social Media Manager

Grace Wininger ’23

Wellness Week will take place the week of March 13 to 17, and the Wellness club has a variety of activities for students to take part in and will hopefully induce some relaxation.

“We’re doing small workshops like plant therapy, we have art therapy, we have yoga, we have a therapist who does adventure therapy coming in to work with a handful of students,” said Jennifer Vick, the Wellness club advisor. “And we’re going to cap off the week with a complimentary pancake breakfast on Friday morning and laugh and laugh where we’ll be running comedy clips during lunch.”

Wellness week was introduced with the intent of normalizing self-care for the betterment of the mental and physical health of students.

“We want to promote wellness culturally,” Vick said. “I’d like it if, as a building and as a community, we prioritize taking good care of ourselves. I hope we can build more connections and community inside our school, and I believe one of the best ways to achieve that is to promote wellness.”

Wellness Week usually takes place the week after midterms, which makes sense as it’s when students are healing from a stressful and exhausting week. Though there is no concrete reason as to why it’s taking place next week, Vick explained that this time of year does come with some unwanted tendencies.

“I think this is a great time to have it since there’s a real lull in motivation at this time of year,” Vick said. “We’re coming off of a huge stretch of dark gray days and crummy weather, so I think February and March is the perfect time to really pay attention to how we’re feeling and what we can do about it.”