Breaking a sweat: Boys varsity basketball wins against Dakota for the third time

O'hara Diamond '23, Supervising Page Editor

Macomb Dakota High School is a prestigious school with many high ranking sports teams. But today, Grosse Pointe South contested this reputation and beat the buzzer.

FAST BREAK Karter Richards ’24 holding the ball ready to pass it to the next open player scrambling around the court trying to make a move. (Courtesy of O’hara Diamond ’23)

Starters included Vincent Vachon ’25, Karter Richards ’24, Noah Stiyer ’23, Alexander English ’23 and Anthony Benard ’23. The game started and South’s team was already yelling the words “defense”, which were echoing off the court. Coach Steve Benard hoped for a win, especially since they had already beaten Dakota twice so far.

“It’s always difficult to beat someone a third time,” Benard said. “We’re home and we got the number one seat, and they’ve already played a couple of games this week, so I am looking forward to a good effort from our team.”

Considering that the team hasn’t been making shots like they normally do in the last couple of games, the boys made a great effort between offense and defense. Rebound after rebound, free throw after free throw, South stayed with it.The team and the crowd were pretty confident about this game and hoping for some good shots and great plays

. Walter Charuba ’23 was thrilled to attend yet another varsity game.“I am expecting a win, especially with Anthony out there we’re not losing,” Charuba said during the game. “I think shooting will go well- we are always good at shooting.”

The start of the second quarter score was 22-15 South, and by the end of the quarter, 28-23 with 1:58 left to go. The ball was stolen by Anthony Benard ‘23 and he went up for a dunk with no one to guard him. By the end of the first half, the score was 36-25, the crowd going wild and ready for the second half.“We have a good offense and played well as a team,” Stiyer said. “We had to dig into the bench a little bit, and they definitely got the job done.”

English made several three-pointers and rebounds for the team. Benard whipped the ball down to the corner for a three by Richards. Nathan Davey ’24 and Peter Ulku ’23 subbed in the middle of the third. When a Dakota player yelled some fighting words to a South parent, the crowd seemed to become very physical. Coaches and referees were trying to break the two sides up and were able to get back to playing. Vincent Vachon ’25 was proud of his team and pleased to take another win, though he and several other players concede that there is always room for improvement.

“We need to stay locked in the whole game and not undermine our opponent in order to keep winning,” Vachon said.With 51.2 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the score was 64-47, and South held the ball until the buzzer sounded, signaling the game had ended with yet another win.“It was awesome to see the guys keep up and play their hardest even after all the commotion towards the end,” Charuba ’ said.