Unified Basketball team triumphs against North with a score of 50-45

Emily Colen '23, Staff Writer

South scores: On Feb. 7, Athlete Titan McKenzie makes the shot as cheers from fans erupt in the stands. (Emily Colen ’23)

On Feb. 7, Grosse Pointe South’s Unified Basketball team played an intense matchup against longtime rival Grosse Pointe North. Hosted on enemy territory, fans filled the stands to bring energy and enthusiasm while a sense of community filled the air.

On the sidelines, friendship and camaraderie among athletes and players enveloped the atmosphere. From Tommy Haggerty shooting a three-pointer to Ian Krieger’s impressive breakdancing during halftime, the game supplied lively entertainment for fans.

With the scoreboard showing consistent tying between teams, the back-and-forth of the game brewed a competitive nature among South and North fans alike. At the sound of the final buzzer, the scoreboard revealed redemption for South as they won 50-45.

Head Coach, Kathy Smith stated that techniques utilized within their practices were also incorporated into their skill skit on the court.

“They were very successful and improved tremendously with working as a team,” Smith said. “They really utilized the strategies that we worked on at practices as far as defense and finding an open lane, finding someone who is able to be right under the basket.”

After a previous loss to North, athlete Donte Ormond ’26 explained that redemption fueled his passion to win.

“The guy scored a three-pointer on me last me, which kind of annoyed me and he beat us, and then we won the next game which means that we got out epic revenge,” Ormond said. “ I felt good about that man.”

Partner Nate Michaud ’25 believed South strived to play well and put in their best effort to reign champions against their opponent.

A Unified Effort: North and South Unified Basketball smile for a pregame picture on Feb 7. (Emily Colen ’23 )

“It was very nice to have a win and I think everyone was very happy and excited,” Michaud said. “We played a lot smarter than we did in previous games.”

In a lasting statement, Smith describes her happiness for both the outcome of the game and for uniting the Grosse Pointe community.

“I think we went in pretty strong and the end outcome was amazing,” Smith said. “We were able to take a picture and uniting two schools within our district as one community was pretty amazing.”