New order, new coffee

Olivia McDougall '23, Staff Writer

Above is an image of the iced match latte featured at the New Order coffeehouse. (Olivia McDougall ’23)

Right on Jefferson sits a compact new coffee shop called New Order. Upon walking in, it was clear they have a simple aesthetic. Between the pastel color palette and clean lines it felt welcoming and cheerful. I was greeted and my order was immediately taken. Since there was no seating, it appeared the shop was strictly to go. I had no issue with this as the service was fast.

The menu itself was unique; it was filled with various flavor options that I’ve never tried before such as, cookie butter lattes and cereal milk flavored coffees. Based on the eccentric drink menu, I expected the food menu to be similar, but it wasn’t as impressive. The food menu consisted of three items, two of which were scones. Aside from drinks and pastries, the shop had other items like water bottles, mugs and bags of whole beans.

I placed my order of three drinks and two pastries. I decided to go with items that I generally enjoy and have bought before at other places. The first drink I tried was an iced matcha latte.

This is currently my favorite drink, so I had high hopes. Unfortunately, the drink didn’t have the greatest flavor, despite it having an addition of vanilla syrup. I also tried an iced tea lemonade, which wasn’t my favorite. I felt that the tea was overpowering and lacked the sweet and sour lemonade flavor.

Above is an image of the raspberry poptart the is filled with jam featured at the New Order coffeehouse on Jefferson. (Olivia McDougall ’23)

On a better note, I tried an iced mocha latte, which exceeded my expectations. The coffee itself had a great flavor accompanied by the sweet and creamy chocolate flavor. I would definitely return to New Order for this drink.

Lastly, I tried a blueberry scone and a raspberry pop tart from the pastry menu. The scone was much doughier than average, but I didn’t mind considering how dry typical scones are. The scone had a sweet topping which completed the delectable flavor.

Similar to the scone, the pop tart had a great distinctive flavor. Filled with fresh tasting jam, this pop tart was nothing like the boxed kind. The dough was flakey and buttery with a light frosting and sprinkle topping.

Considering my experience with the pastries, latte and service I would recommend any coffee lover to give New Order a try.