Bonjour Madame Husseini: South’s newest French teacher


Jane Van Syckle '23

FANTASTIC FRENCH South is proud to welcome the new french teacher, Fazyza Husseini, to the staff.

Jane VanSyckle '23, Web Editor

With the second semester now in full swing, South welcomed a new addition to the language department. Fazyza Husseini, or as students refer to her, Madame Husseini, is South’s newest French teacher.

Madame Husseini started teaching earlier this semester as the only French teacher at South. Though she is new to South, Husseini knows her way around town as she is a native Grosse Pointer. After graduation, Husseini and her husband also lived in France for some time.

“I was born and raised in Grosse Pointe,” Husseini said. “I attended University of Liggett for high school and eventually decided to move back to Grosse Pointe. Before that, I lived in the southeast of France on the border of Switzerland and Italy.”

Husseini always knew she wanted to be a teacher and has lived that dream for 16 years. She attended Albion College, where she majored in French and psychology.

“It wasn’t until I majored in French during undergrad that I realized I wanted to teach French,” Husseini said. “When I studied abroad in France I realized that this is what I want to do.”

Other than South, Husseini has taught around the west side of Detroit and the Detroit area in general. Most recently, she taught at Barnes Elementary School last semester.

“I’m excited to be back with the so-called big kids,” Husseini said. “I absolutely love teaching at a high school level and hope to stay long term.”

Beginning at a new school mid-year can be stressful for new teachers as well as students. Husseini said her transition to South and to a larger atmosphere has been wonderful thanks to the staff and students.

“I have had a very smooth transition, the staff members have been so wonderful, so I could not be happier,” Husseini said. “There’s a lot to learn. I’ve never taught in a school this big, so that has been the biggest eye-opener.”

As for her students, Husseini said she has high expectations for them, no matter the level they are at. In order to help them reach their full potential, Husseini said she teaches in a more laid-back style.

“I’m fairly relaxed, but at the same time, I expect a lot out of my kids, Husseini said. “I like to go with the flow. If I feel like my students are really understanding the material, then of course we will speed up or vice versa if I feel like they’re struggling.”

As a mother of two (and soon to be three), Husseini carries a lot of her nurturing qualities into the classroom. She said she wants her students to feel like they can trust her with furthering their education and that she cares about them.

“I’m here for my students 110 percent,” Husseini said. “I know the language, I’ve gone through schooling, I have the degrees. I want them to know that I am here solely for their purpose for their education and for them to succeed.”