Behind the scenes of the Detroit Turkey Trot

Genevieve Boutrous and Grace Wininger '23, Staff Writer and Web Editor-in-Chief

Grace Wininger

What screams “Thanksgiving celebration” more than running the annual Detroit Turkey Trot?

A race that holds an immense amount of family tradition and spirit, the Turkey Trot never fails to serve as a kick off to the holiday season.

During any holiday celebration, there comes a plethora of different traditions, varying from holiday to holiday. The signature turkey provides a sense of familiarity for families, and can be easily identified with the Turkey Trot race. Whether it be dressing up in quirky costumes, making an annual trip to Starbucks before the race, or having an early morning family breakfast, this race is notorious for its traditions.

“I started running the Turkey Trot last year with a few of my friends,” Claire Zurrowick ’23 said. “I just ran the regular 10k last year, but this year I plan on running the Drumstick Double, which is a combination of the 10k and the 5k run, back-to-back.”

Along with a variety of races to choose from, the Turkey Trot serves as a safe place to dress up in any costume, whether that be holiday-themed or not, to bring a sense of spirit to the entire environment.

“A couple years ago, my family and I all wore different styled onesies for the 5k race,” Saniyah Smith ’23 said. “My brother and I dressed up in elf onesies to get into the beginning of the Christmas season, and my parents both wore Thanksgiving apparel like sunglasses and hats.”

Getting involved with the spirit of the overall race can definitely influence the outcome of one’s performance, according to Natalie Coffey ’23. Choosing to become involved with the costume aspect of the run is a matter of opinion, but seems to provide some impactful positives to the entirety of the experience.

“I like to dress up in fun, colorful, slightly embarrassing clothing when I run the Turkey Trot,” Coffey said. “For me, I think it’s really fun dressing up in festive clothing with a ton of random people I’ve never even met before because it makes the experience feel more like a tradition, which keeps me and my family coming back.”

Check out the video above to see what the Dumstick Double (15K) looks like.