School Board approves new health clinic for Grosse Pointe North

Julia Roeder '25, Page Editor

Image of Grosse Pointe North High School, the location in which the clinic intends to be built for the community. (Julia Roeder ’25)

On November 14, 2022, the Grosse Pointe Public School System’s Board of Education voted to approve an interagency agreement between Grosse Pointe Public Schools and Oakwood Healthcare, Inc. This agreement proposed a health clinic run by Beaumont Hospital to open on Grosse Pointe North High School’s campus to serve students. The board approved the agreement with a 5-2 vote. Among those who voted to approve the agreement was School Board member Dr. Chris Lee.

“When I first read about the health clinic, I was against it,” Dr. Lee said. “But as I looked more into the benefits of the clinic, I quickly realized that it was a very beneficial thing to have.”

Lee has been on the board since 2018 and voted to approve the proposal after revisions were made. The health clinic is designed to help students with ailments such as infections, injury care, mental health, hearing and vision testing, immunizations and more. Grosse Pointe Schools would not run the Health Center itself, instead handing operations over to Beaumont. If a student is signed up for Medicaid, they can receive free services from the clinic. The Grosse Pointe School’s Administration will help with the transition with the schools health clinic being put in. Rebecca Fannon oversees Community Relations Specialist/Homeless and Foster Liaison in Grosse Pointe schools for 17 years.

“The clinic will help students and families that have signed up for Medicaid, which will greatly improve access to care when referrals or outside, longer term medical care is needed beyond what the clinic can provide,” Fannon said. “The center itself would provide preventive care as well as non-emergent services in a location that can be easily accessed by a target population with demonstrated need.”

The clinic will help students that might not be able to afford treatment otherwise. Nurses and doctors for the clinic will be provided through Beaumont hospital. Jennifer Yeamans, CNM, worked as a health clinic in the past, and now practices as a nurse midwife at Eastside Gynecology Obstetrics.

“The clinic will likely decrease the amount of time kids will be out of school because they would get prompt attention and treatment,” Yeamans said. “Depending on the illness or medical issue, the clinic can help address the problem quickly with the student in school with no need to send home necessarily and go elsewhere for care and diagnosis. This decreases the amount of time missed.”

Within the agreement, parents who don’t want their child to get care from the clinicare able to sign a waiver to prohibit any treatment.

“I found out that there’s probably at least 100 of these clinics around the state, and they’ve been there, some of them, over 30 years,” Dr. Lee said. “They are clearly very effective and should serve Grosse Pointe North very well.”

Students at Grosse Pointe North such as Leilini Feltman ’25 are eager to see what the clinic will bring to the school..

“I think this clinic will be very useful and will help students very much,” Feltman said. “It will be very beneficial to kids that don’t want to go to school because of minor issues (like a cold or sore throat), but can receive treatment for them at school and not miss class.”