Die Hard is hardly festive

Jane VanSyckle '23, Web Editor

FAR FROM FESTIVE Celebrities from across the spectrum have weighed in, and the Tower is no different. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? (Jane VanSyckle ’23)

As Christmas draws near, watching festive films is one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit. With that being said, the holiday season brings up the ongoing debate about one particular movie, raising the question once again: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas film?

To answer briefly, no. The classic 1988 film is an iconic combination of action, romance and comedy, but the list ends there. Holiday elements in the movie are very sparsely scattered throughout. The recipe for any Christmas film is a precise mixture, but the ingredients are sadly nowhere to be found in “Die Hard”.

Some could argue that the attack takes place on Christmas Eve at a party. True, but not relevant. Hans Gruber and his group of terrorists could’ve taken over the Nakatomi Plaza on any other given day, and the plot would not significantly change. Maybe a few tweaks here and there, but it is important to note the plot revolves around policeman John McClane saving the hostages and taking down the German terrorists, not Santa Claus or Christmas cheer.

The goriness and intense physical fighting between McClane and Gruber’s team distracts the audience from the idea of Christmas at all. One of the dead terrorists dressed in a Santa hat serves as a tribute to the holiday, but then again, is not in the Christmas spirit.

Some could argue that smaller elements in the movie add to its credibility as a holiday movie. For one, McClane’s love interest and ex-wife is named Holly. This detail that many add to their argument could have been a coincidence, but is an interesting addition to the film. Nevertheless, it’s a minor detail. The film’s intention was to wow audiences with an action-packed two hours, and though the storyline involves Christmas Eve, it should not be seen as a Christmas movie.