Five minutes with Orchestra Director James Gross

Anthony De Luca '25, Staff Writer

EYES UP Director James Gross conducts Lake of Clouds, performed by the Concert Orchestra at Pops and Pastries, on Saturday, Nov. 5. (Amanda Frantz ’23)

Entering its busiest time of the year, director James Gross has his hands full with three major concerts.

“The jazz band is preparing for Yule Be Boppin’, which is coming up Dec. 8,” Gross said. “Dec. 19 is a String Extravaganza. That’s our five through 12 orchestra concert. (It’s) district-wide– North, South, Pierce, Brownell, Parcells. It’s here at South High School in the gym.”

The South marching band also performed as part of the Santa parade on Kercheval on Dec. 2, just adding more to Mr. Gross’s full plate.

“The Santa Parade starts on Kercheval, they meet and then come to South,” Gross said. “Then they go to Lewiston and line up (there) with all the other people in the parade and then they march down Kercheval and they end up at Maire.”