Dashing through the snow (on a winter running team)

Morgan Payne '24, Photographer

THE CORE OF THE TEAM Throwers Malvina Lubanski ’24 (left) and Olivia Barba ’25 (right) work in the Boll Center gym with the rest of the winter team. (Morgan Payne ’24)

Track and field has always been categorized as a spring sport at Grosse Pointe South. Recently, however, winter track has been on the rise as more and more students are looking to participate in the season. The club is available for all grades and there is no experience needed. Practices are held Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after school.

According to Kate Rillema ’24, she will be participating in the winter track season for the first time, and is looking forward to her season. One of the most essential things that Kate is looking forward to is the team’s bond.

“I’m excited to interact with people and become closer with people that are already on the track team,” Rillema said. “Building relationships on and off the track is very important and allows you to share and learn about your teammates.”

Steve Zaranek, Cross Country and Track coach, has been coaching Grosse Pointe South girls’ teams for a total of 44 seasons. He believes practicing for the upcoming track season in the winter is beneficial for runners.

“Program directors decided that we should provide something for the winter month to the girls that weren’t as involved in any winter sport,” Zaranek said.

Runner Miranda Barba ’23 believes the sport has gained such popularity due to the strength of the team, and the want to continue the sport in winter seasons.

“We just had a super strong team this year, and a lot of people that were really into it didn’t want to stop going,” Barba said. “I think our seniors set a great dynamic and showed an instilled passion for running and a lot of our upperclassmen feel the same way, which I think it’s great.”