Columbia Street Fall Fest has a fantastic first run

Emily Colen '23, Staff Writer

Across from the renowned Comerica Park, between Woodward and Park Avenue, the first-ever Columbia Street Fall Fest took place from October 6 through November 13, inviting all who enjoy celebrating the season of fall.

The delicious smell of caramel apples, warm apple pie and hot chocolate enveloped the senses of any passerby seeking to walk upon the cobblestone of Columbia Street. Above, strings of lights illuminate the yellow-orange mums meticulously lining the front of bustling businesses, while hundreds of bright orange pumpkins laid upon bales of hay. Exciting and interactive fall festivities such as pumpkin painting, inflatable ax throwing, bobbing for apples and, on select days, live music performances were provided to the public. Along the sides of the street, colorful fall-inspired backdrops provided the perfect opportunities for individual, family or friend group photos. Restaurants of Columbia Street, such as JoJo’s ShakeBar, Frita Batidos and Union Assembly sprinkled their menu with tasty, fall-inspired dishes, drinks and desserts. Whether it is a family who enjoys warm apple cider while painting pumpkins or a friend group who enjoys taking photos in front of fall-inspired backdrops, this metro-Detroit event encapsulates all things autumn, creating amazing memories for many –something it will hopefully do for years to come.