South’s not-so-grand morning entrances are due for change


Dailey Jogan '24

LOCKED FROM THE INSIDE The front doors are not opened in the morning, leaving students only one option; the back door pictured above. This door is far from most parking spots, making it a frustrating trek as winter begins.

Dailey Jogan '24, Page Editor

Come rain or shine, wind or snow, the front door doesn’t open.

The Greenhouse and Fisher doors remain locked for safety in the morning, in accordance with the school safety policy. But due to club gatherings, zero hour, student-teacher meetings and athletics, students are entering the building consistently before 7:30. But the most accessible door remains locked.

If students’ safety is really what they have in mind, forcing kids to walk to the back of the school is not the solution. The entrances that open early are in the back corner of the S lot or the visitors’ lot. These two low-traffic areas are away from the public eye and tucked away from the main street.

I do not see why opening the two doors that are as far from the public eye as possible is a safer option. Unless someone is monitoring the door, which there usually is not, no one sees who enters the building. Although I know how it could possibly deter non-students from coming into the building, I think it creates more issues than it solves.

As the weather starts to change, walking the extra distance is not only cold but could pose a danger. Although understandable with how quickly the sidewalks can freeze over, the school has been inconsistent in clearing ice. If students are expected to walk the extra distance, they should be more proficient at it. If a student were to fall, they would be so far out of sight no one would know.

With South’s limited parking, many students park on Fisher and not in a parking lot. This causes an additional walk for students across sidewalks and streets that the city is responsible for clearing. Even students who are able to use the parking available in the J lot have to walk similar distances to enter the school.

I do not see why the Greenhouse and Fisher doors can not open in the morning, especially as it gets colder. They are more accessible to students, in the public eye and if no one is monitoring the doors anyway, they seem like the clear choice to open for morning activities.