Racing through regionals; the penultimate race of the cross country season

WARMING UP As the varsity girls run their event, the girls JV team warms up for their race while wearing their team sweatshirts to keep out the cold. Warmups include a short run and dynamic stretches help prepare the girls and prevent injury.

A fog extends over Goodells County Park, cloaking the course in mist and mystery. As the cross country team rolls in on buses, tension fills the air.

It’s October 29 — the final race of the season, and for some, high school.

The boys varsity race is first. Led by Logan Detweiler ’23, Jet Miller ’24, and Brendan Downey’23, the team finished ninth in their region. Detweiler himself finished third, qualifying as an individual for the state competition on November 5.

“It wasn’t our best race of the season and the team is upset about not making it to states,” Captain Luc Michaud ’23 said. “Even though it didn’t turn out as expected, the season was still very strong and it was a great senior year.”

Then the girls varsity. Seven girls take their place at the start line, ranging from sophomores to seniors. Savannah Spangler ’25 breaks to the front of the pack early, pushing her team to fifth place overall, narrowly beating out crosstown rivals Grosse Pointe North.

The boys JV team takes to the course, racing through the open fields and thick woods, and soon the gun is about to go off for the girls race. But before it does, the team gathers into a circle to give one final cheer.

“The seniors stand in the middle while the rest of the team goes around them,” Morgan Deenik ’24 said. “It’s such a great team tradition, but it won’t be the same without the seniors next year.”

Screaming and cheering, the girls holler out a simple melody, clapping along to the beat. Too soon it’s over, and the race begins. Led by Claire Zurrowick ’23, all 50 members of the team cross the line before 40 minutes.

Then both teams pack up, climb onto the buses, and drive home.

The season is over. And the fog has lifted.