Athletic director can’t stretch schedule to all athletes

Julia Roeder '25, Page Editor

TAPED UP JV Field hockey play Rosie Smith ’25 getting her leg taped before a game by Athletic Trainer Cameron Mills (Julia Roeder ’25)

Helping athletes in pain, fielding constant calls from parents and watching exciting games is the job of Cameron Mills, the Athletic Trainer for Grosse Pointe South. He’s the first person seen running on the field after an injury happens during a game, but not all athletes at South pleased with the way his schedule is set.

“I have an injured shoulder, so the absence of the athletic trainer at swim practices has made it so I can not get any help for it,” swimmer, Bridgid Williams ’25 said.

Many swimmers have voiced their concerns about the availability of the athletic trainer. Swimmers like Williams who have been swimming for South for the past two years think that Mills should be on the pool deck to help swimmers who need him. Mills is available at South from 1:30 pm until the last game or practice of the night. But Mills rarely attends swim meets due to his high demand in other sport’s practices and games at the same time.

“The reality is there are sports that demand me more,” Mills said. “For contact sports like football, I am more aware of injuries that can occur, so I have to be at every game and practice [for football].”

Currently, Mills helps athletes across 20 fall teams, including football, one of the most intense contact sports South has to offer that likewise yields the most injuries. South has three football teams that practice everyday during school and twice a day in the summer- meaning his specialties are needed year round. Due to this, he spends most of his time on the football field, watching practices or helping football players in his office instead of attending swim meets or golf tournaments where the demand for him is less.

“The athletic trainer helps tape and stretch players before games and practices,” Lex Willson ’25, varsity football player, said. “He has been a big accommodation to the team.”

Willson, who has been playing on South football teams for two years, has seen Miller work firsthand. The reality is that Miller can not be at every game or practice for every team. He needs to prioritize and go where he is most needed to help the most of South’s athletes.

“Safety is first and foremost,” said Mills. “I am always here for treatment after school and on the weekends I am here when needed.”