K-pop fan or not, MAGIC MAN is for everyone

Sophia Kapla and Margot Murphy '23

Courtesy of Google Images.

Jackson Wang stands out as a K-pop singer who brings elements of various genres to his work. Wang dropped his album MAGIC MAN that has hit the billboard 200, which is his highest entry of music; however this is not his first time entering the music industry. Wang doubles as the main rapper of K-pop boy group GOT7, helping to make classic k-pop songs such as Hard Carry from Flight Log: Turbulence studio album and Just Right from the Moriagatteyo Japanese album.

Apart from GOT7, Wang and his fellow GOT7 members have begun releasing solo music to make establish their own name. MAGIC MAN is a prime example of Wang’s expertise in the music industry and encapsulates his talent as an artist.

His songs have a variety of different vibes that can please everyone. His song All The Way gives the feel of Machine Gun Kelly and attributes it to more of an alternative rock feel. But in contrast, in his song Champagne Cool gives more of a chill pop vibe. His songs carry different feels and contribute to many different styles of music. Track four, Go Ghost, gave a very unique vibe that I enjoyed because it breaks up the album from the rest of the alternative songs with R&B.

I did think that some of his intros into his songs such as Cruel and Come Alive were very awkward in the beginning. I didn’t enjoy them as much, but overall the album was very diverse. For people that really like K-pop singers, MAGIC MAN is very different from what you usually hear due to Wang giving a fresh, punk spin on Korean music. Even if you aren’t a fan of K-pop, I think this album is something to listen to because it is a sound melting-pot of creativity and Wang’s musical mastery.