Tower Rates Wing Snob a 10/10

Michael Tengler '22, Staff Writer

Michael Tengler ’22 devouring his craved Wing Snob wings. (Michael Tengler ’22)

Although the corner of Cadieux and East Warren isn’t the preferred tourist destination for Grosse Pointe South students, it provides an underrated, flavor-filled food experience. I’m sure the vast majority of South students have driven by Wing Snob hundreds of times going to the highway, I’d bet most of them haven’t ever stopped in for a bite to eat.

Being a wing fanatic myself, the moment I heard raving reviews from the small food spot right next to East English Academy, I knew I had to explore their options.. On a Thursday half day, I took myself and some friends over there for lunch, and it did not disappoint. I tend to order sweet barbecue sauce with my wings. However, Wing Snob’s version of that is “Snobby Q” which is described as a “sweet and tangy BBQ sauce,” per their website. Not only that, but I was able to order a side of fries, coated with honey barbecue sauce, which was my second choice for sauces.

After only waiting for about 20 minutes for my order, the feast began. I will say, if you happen to take me up on my Wing Snob suggestion, order it for carryout; there are no seating options in the restaurant, so I was forced to eat my wings standing up. Besides that, though, the outing did not disappoint. The Snobby Q sauce was unbelievably delicious. It provided the perfect amount of sugary taste, but was well-balanced with the tart aspect of the flavoring. And the meat itself was very tender, with little to no inedible parts on every wing. I ordered 10 wings, but easily could’ve eaten 15 or more.

Now I’d be remiss to not mention the honey barbecue fries as well. The perfect outside crispiness, with the soft inside, as well as the sauce on top, was an impeccable combination. Arguably the best fries I’ve ever had, and I’m not saying that for dramatic effect. I would go back just for the fries quite honestly. Although they got sawgy as the meal went on, the flavor didn’t go away at all. These are a very unique add-on that I haven’t seen done anywhere else, in terms of putting barbecue sauce right on top of the fries. Absolutely unbelievable, 10/10 would order them any day of the week.

Unfortunately, the top-tier flavor does come at a higher price point than most other places. For my 10 traditional wings, honey-BBQ coated fries, and regular fountain, I paid almost $20. Would I say it’s worth it, though? Undoubtedly. Although if you’re not a fan of wings, and are just exploring your options, I would advise you to start with the cheaper options first. If you’re looking for the best wings in metro Detroit, though, you’ve come to the right spot, and I can attest to that having tried wings from just about every place you can think of around here.