‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ wows with movie magic


Dailey Jogan '24 , Page Editor

On May 6, 2022, The MultiVerse of Madness, Marvel’s newest addition to its Phase Four release of movies hit theaters. The long anticipated addition to the Dr. Strange story was a huge let down for me as a long-time Marvel fan.
The movie had a very messy plot with half-developed dialogue. Most of the performances from the cast fell short when paired with the bad script and bad CGI animation at times..
Making a total of $185 million opening weekend, the movie exceeded Disney movie conservitave estimates, overtaking Eternals but falling short of the $260 million that was made by Spiderman No Way Home.
With a budget of $200 million, the costumes felt very similar to what we have seen before. Assuming a large portion went into the CGI budget, the time spent in-between universes was well done. Using CGI to create each world jumped through an individual experience gave the audience a clear understanding of the vastness of the multiverse.
Seeing the Scarlet Witch on screen for the first time since the end of WandaVision was a long-awaited moment from most Marvel fans. This moment however, I feel, was overshadowed by the new morals and attitude that the Scarlet Witch possessed that Wanda did not. With further exploration into her two sons, the Scarlet Witch played a main character in this movie.
Dr. Stephen Strange and his unrequited love Christine, and the story that accompanied them took up a lot of time from the movie. It seemed like their love story was underdeveloped and did not end in a satisfactory manner.
The introduction of America Chavez to the big screen was interesting. With the constant introduction of new characters it can be hard to find one that sticks out, but America did just that. Her powers and story left many questions; however, Xochitl Gomez did a good job portraying the iconic comic book character.
The movie was not all bad, with the inclusion of a more diverse cast as well as relationships portrayed the movie brought representation to a Marvel movie that has yet to be seen.
Overall I would say the movie was a 5.5 out of 10 mostly caused by its underdeveloped storyline, confusing nature and gory moments that are not typical to the Marvel universe.