Five minutes with Shelly Rothenbuhler

Jane VanSyckle , Staff Writer

Jane VanSyckle ’23

The environment is something that affects us all. South students have come together to form the Save the Lakes club, run by science teacher Shelley Rothenbuhler. The club was formed 3-4 years ago and consists of students who are passionate about keeping the lake pristine.

“Right now the club has been working on collecting plastic grocery bags and crocheting them into mats to be able to give to the homeless,” Rothenbuhler said.

Rothenbuhler suggests that reinstituting the recycling program would benefit the school greatly and is a great idea for students to help out with.

“We need to have somebody push to get the recycling program back,” Rothenbuhler said. “It needs to be a student-led initiative, like it has been in the past. It would be great to see it (flourish).”