Using our rights to save the planet

Tower Staff

The world is changing faster than we can control it. Humans have created the monster that is climate change, leading to side effects ranging from rising sea levels to global warming to destruction of ecosystems of wildlife. As individuals, we’re constantly berated by media from television, radio and social media all begging us to change our personal habits in the name of saving earth.
We at the Tower believe that while individual responsibility for saving our planet is imperative, corporation responsibility is too.
According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the three most prominent causes of greenhouse gas emissions (70 percent of all emissions) are forms of major corporations or industries. So while roughly 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions could be blamed on the general public, the question is still posed: are changing our habits on an individual basis actually going to affect earth all that much?
In a free country with protected rights, Americans are able to utilize a powerful form of combat against climate change: protesting and voting. The greatest gift we can give to our earth in this time of treachery is our voices.
Midterm elections are roughly six months away. Now is the time for voters to educate themselves about candidates and their beliefs on climate change. By questioning and researching your candidate’s history in relation to climate change, or reviewing statements they’ve made about climate change, voters are given the opportunity to put individuals who could help save our planet in power and kick out those who put a monetary value on earth. In intermediate times where elections and major protests aren’t happening, writing to lawmakers and vocalizing concern for our planet is always a safe option.
If protests are taking place, join and help a greater movement of people trying to save Earth. A larger voice sets up means for a larger outcome. While protesting doesn’t ensure legislation will occur, nor does it ensure corporations will take greener approaches, it still forces those in power to hear a vocal majority.
Helping to protect our environment on an individual basis is important, however, the effectiveness truly depends on how individual power is utilized. A single reusable tote bag may give peace of mind, but will never be able to combat bribe-seeking lawmakers or the major industries they protect.