Donuts for days; the quest for the best baked goods

The quest for the best baked goods in Metro Detroit

The unique design of the Holy Moly Donut box definitely gave it an edge, but it still fell short against the always-delicious Dunkin Donuts.

No. 4: Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons’ donuts were definitely near the top of our list. We got a six-pack featuring a Boston creme, chocolate dip, vanilla glazed, chocolate glazed, vanilla frosted sprinkled and original. The only real disappointment among the donuts was the original; it was bland and disgustingly plain, and so stale that when I hit it against my dashboard it sounded. The vanilla frosted sprinkled donut was definitely a favorite. The sprinkles added the perfect amount of crunch, and the vanilla frosting was very sweet. Our only complaint was the sprinkles getting everywhere. The Boston creme was another one of our top choices because it was very moist and satisfying.

No. 3: Vasi’s Cafe
While the small mom-and-pop bakery on Harper and 9 Mile is more than charming, it was difficult to move past the thin and flakey frosting that covered all of the donuts. The cakey part of the donuts was good, but that was overshadowed by the bland icing that, in my opinion, ruined them. They offered several creative and interesting flavors, and it was hard to choose, but we went with a few different frosted and sprinkled donuts, as well as a classic red velvet glazed. The red velvet was by far the best, as there was no frosting to distract from the rich flavor. We would recommend keeping your order simple and plain to avoid the frosting unless you’re a big fan of icing.

No. 2: Holy Moly Donut Shop
Looking at the selection has us saying Holy Moly, but after tasting them it is overwhelmingly average. The donuts were stored in pans covered in saran wrap, which raised concern over them not being fresh. The vanilla frosted sprinkled donut was very appetizing, however, since the sprinkles were plentiful, adding a tasty touch. The fruity pebbles donut was by far the most disappointing. The cereal on top was stale, giving the donut an unpleasant, chewy texture. The chocolate frosted dip also happened to be stale, so it obviously was not one of our favorites. The red velvet glazed donut was much better. The glaze was sweet, and the donut was fresh.

No. 1: Dunkin Donuts
We saved the best for last when we stopped by Dunkin Donuts. As the most affordable donut on the list, Dunkin’s Donuts never disappoints. The perfect ratio of frosting to soft, cakey donut is what helped to secure their spot as the best donuts on the list. Each and every donut has the right amount of sprinkle, crunch, frosting and cake, and the combination of the layers and textures is what sets Dunkin apart. Another leg that Dunkin has on neighboring donut shops is the extensive amounts of flavor options to choose from. With something for every craving, there isn’t a sweet tooth that Dunkin cannot scratch.