Senior serves a super season

Moira Hix ’22 ends her final tennis season

Katie Hamilton '24, Web Editor

Hix ’22 slams a serve. Photo courtesy: (Moira Hix ’22)

Moira Hix ’22 is a South varsity tennis player who has won many awards and matches and has played tennis for many years.

Hix believes tennis is a great way to exercise, meet new people from all over and learn many life skills. She said there are several different aspects of playing and improving her game.

“I started playing tennis at a very young age, when I was around four years old,” Hix said. “I started playing because my dad had always played and really enjoyed it, so I thought I would try it out and ended up loving it. It was always so fun for me. I have played it year-round and never gotten sick of it.”

Being mentally strong is one of the most important skills in tennis according to Hix.

“My greatest strength as a player is my ability to stay calm and not get upset over the mistakes I make during a match since there’s a lot of pressure when it is an individual sport, and you have to perform your best every time,” Hix said.

Maeve Hix ’24, Moira’s sister, is also a tennis player and has worked on controlling emotions during her matches.

“(My sister) has taught me how to be mentally tough on the court and to never give up,” Maeve Hix said. “By doing all of this, she has helped my tennis game and mental game.”

Moria Hix has seen lots of success with the help of her Coach Mark Sobieralski.

“Success is the kids staying in touch after high school and sharing with me their accomplishments,” Sobieralski said. “Moria is a dream to coach. She is very strong mentally. She brings it every time. She is a very humble person as well. She is way better than she gives herself credit for.”

Moira Hix said her family is very supportive of her passion for tennis. Mike Hix, Moira and Maeve’s dad, has always been with them and encourages them to do their best every time they perform.

“It’s a lot of fun as the parent,” Mike Hix said. “Whenever we travel, it gives us extra time together. Being a tennis dad is definitely full-time since you have to console her when she’s upset, and you get to celebrate with her when she’s happy. We have time to go out for dinner and get to talk and without tennis, we would never have had that.”