Tower’s five favorite GP restaurants

As the weather gets warmer and spring is in full spring, getting out on the town is less of a challenge. Here’s a walk through of where to go for each course of a fantastic meal.

To start, Beyond Juicery + Eatery, located in the Village is the perfect place to begin your meal. Although they sell a large variety of wraps, salads and bowls, our favorite menu option is the smoothie. With 15 set smoothies that have interchangeable ingredients, customers are able to mix and match their add-ins to fit their dream drink. The smoothies start at $6.50, add-ins and exchanges can raise the price but won’t break the budget. No matter what, this Juicery is the right place to start your day.

Looking for appetizers next, head over to Village Grille. The variety of starters cater to every person, regardless of age or food preferences. Village Grille also offers many different price ranges for their appetizers; our favorite menu items to order include: Pretzel bites (8.99), Cheese sticks (10.99) and Calamari Vera Cruz (12.99). This location also offers a family-friendly atmosphere with a game room and a buffet option.

Locally owned, the Big Salad is the perfect next stop for food before your main course. With a customizable menu full of salads (starting at $8.00), sandwiches (starting at $6.00) and wraps (starting at $9.00) the Big Salad will make your second course stand out from the rest. With fresh ingredients and salads made right in front of you, The Big Salad will never disappoint.

For the main course, Park Grill is the place to go. The Mediterranean restaurant is located on Kercheval in the Park. Park Grill offers a wide selection of food and portions, menu items ranging from feasts for eight to small appetizers. Park Grill is most well known for their Mediterranean chicken dinner (11.50), the gyro dinner (14.95), and fshati salad (4.95). Although it is the perfect spot for a family as the night goes on, the atmosphere gets quite lively.

Ending your trip through the Pointes with desert, Gorritos on Mack is the perfect spot. Despite the large food menu, the sky high milkshakes are the thing to get. With a base of any flavor shake you could think of, it doesn’t stop there. Cakes and ice cream, marshmallows and brownies stacked on top of the milkshake is any dessert lover’s dream. Depending on the season, speciality shakes that match the holidays are the perfect treat.