The Sugar Bar offers great tastes for students at South


With its lively atmosphere and welcoming staff, The Sugar Bar on Fisher across the street from Grosse Pointe South adds to the list of wholesome small businesses perfect for a quick bite. Featuring a menu packed with pastries, sweets, refreshments and traditional sandwich variations, The Sugar Bar not only offers good food and good service, but also a productive atmosphere to get some work done as well.
Of the several drink options to choose from, we went with the vanilla oat milk latte and a simple strawberry smoothie. The vanilla latte was definitely a favorite of ours, as the oat milk balanced out the coffee really well and the vanilla syrup was evenly blended and not too overpowering, which is something that personally, can make or break a latte. The strawberry smoothie was good too, although it wasn’t made with real fruit which gave it a bit of a sugary taste that you really have to be in the mood for.
When it came to sandwiches, we decided to get a bacon egg and cheese and a turkey sub in order to get a feel for both the breakfast and lunch options that they offer. The bacon egg and cheese was served on a big, fluffy bagel that essentially stole the show; although the several thin bacon slices replacing one or two thicker slices took the breakfast sandwich to a whole other level. One of our only complaints is that they only offer cheddar and provolone as cheeses, as opposed to adding American, or Swiss, or more popular sandwich cheeses. The turkey and cheese sub was made with fresh ingredients and came with chips. It’s a good lunch option, though there’s definitely more desirable dishes on the menu.
The desserts and baked goods were all baked fresh and had great taste. We tried their double chocolate brownie, yellow cake cupcakes and cinnamon rolls. The brownie was very rich and fudgy, a perfect dessert after a good meal. Complete with chocolate chips baked inside, the brownie had an amazing texture and great taste, which made it that much more enjoyable. While some frosting lovers may love their cupcakes, I personally found the ratio of frosting to cupcake was a bit unproportional. Though the yellow cake base was quite moist and enjoyable. Their cinnamon rolls were mouth watering, they were very moist and their icing gave it an even sweeter taste. The roll itself was so soft and had the perfect amount of cinnamon, it almost melted in your mouth. Their croissants are a perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee; it’s light and adds a touch of sweetness to your morning.
The Sugar Bar offers students and community members a convenient and aesthetically pleasing place to grab a coffee or a quick snack. The menu is a bit on the expensive side, so it may not be ideal for every day, but it’s a great option for an every once in a while treat.