Adele releases “30” after six years of fans waiting

Jacob Ashkar '23, Photographer

Apple Music

After almost six years of waiting, Adele has finally come out with her newest album, 30, continuing the theme of naming her albums by age. For Adele being known for writing music about past relationships, this album sure doesn’t stray away from it.

She released her lead single, “Easy on Me”, on Oct. 15 and released the album Nov. 19. Adele herself has gone in depth about how “Easy on Me” portrays her emotions surrounding her past divorce with her ex husband, Simon Konecki. The song itself is lyrically heartbreaking, showing her vulnerability as she’s making the choice to leave her marriage.

Another notable song off the album includes “My Little Love”, which you may have heard on the social media platform, Tik Tok recently. This song is a message to her child as he went through the divorce with her. She understands how detrimental being a child of divorce can be, and she tries her best to display why divorce is in some cases necessary.

What I enjoyed about this song is how she incorporated voicemails in with the lyrics. These small segments of the song do an excellent job of showing her deal with grieving her past marriage. It’s almost heartbreaking hearing what she went through during the divorce, as she was in immense pain.
On a more light hearted note, track five “Oh My God” is more about how she attempts to put herself out there. It has more of an R&B feel which really works with her tone of voice. It’s very appealing to the ears and the fact that it has meaning behind it makes it even better. It talks about having to adjust to being single again after a long term relationship, as well as how her fame has gotten in the way of potential relationships.

“Love is a Game”, her closing song on the album, tells the tale of the highs and lows of her relationship and how she’s ready to get back out there. It talks about her old “you’re going to hurt me, so I’ll hurt you first” mentality and how she’s had to overcome that to find love again. The song is about healing from the pain of a past relationship and preparing to get back out there.

This song is, though a little long, definitely quite catchy and amusing to listen to. It starts off with a more slow and meaningful tone, and slowly transitions to a more upbeat song as it gets to the chorus. I love how versatile this song is and also very relatable to many listeners.

Overall, this album is about the emotional roller coaster of Adele’s life, and how she wants to explain it all to her son, Angelo. She’s mentioned previously how Angelo is “an angel that was sent to her” as well as how she’s never wanted to have to discuss how she feels with him, so he can rather just listen to this album. It’s an amazing album featuring beautiful vocals and even better lyrics done by Adele. I’ve already added many songs to my playlist and I recommend you do the same.