Sewing New York fashion into Detroit

STYLED TO PERFECTION Before the MMODD fundraiser show began on Saturday, Nov. 6th, the make-up artists ensured that the models’ hair and make-up was flawless, helping to ease nerves. “Backstage was so well organized, structured, and chill and we were encouraged to take our time, which I loved,” Garrison Briggs, a fellow model, said.

With the decline of COVID regulations and the return of numerous venues, Detroit has begun to reopen their fashion community with its most recent runway show, the International Design Runway Reception & Exhibition, on Sunday, Nov. 6th, successfully bringing the esteemed New York Fashion Week to Detroit.

This Metro Museum of Design Detroit (MMODD) event, held in Collected Detroit, accepted donations to support designing programs in colleges and universities throughout Detroit. Leslie Ann Pilling, the founder of MMODD and coordinator for the exhibition, expressed the importance of keeping the Detroit design community alive.

“We have a village, they have a voice and we listen,” Philling said. “Through community and professional collaboration we create a golden ticket to success.”

The fashion show’s main theme was “Haute Heritage,” with inspiration drawn from each designer’s ancestry and culture. The designers included Keiko Koakutsu, Aki Choklat, Arkadiy Polezhaev, and Rob Lubera and Shelley Grech from abeessa, representing Japan, Finland, Russia, China and Europe respectively.“The city of Detroit has an amazing legacy in design and fashion and we want to be part of Detroit’s fashion renaissance,” Lubera said.

Overall, an intimate sense of community and appreciation could be felt throughout the heart’s of strangers, all thanks to the designers’ unique self-expression and creative pieces.

“Coming here and seeing these upstart artists is a dream for me,” says Briana Williams, a business and fashion entrepreneur. “This community to me has all different walks of life, races, genders, and ages and we’re all helping to push each other forward.”