Dababy album reviews

Dababy album reviews

Genevieve Boutrous '23 and Sophia Kapla '23, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

Going into this review, we are well aware of the many judgments that Dababy has on certain people and groups in which we do not believe in and wanted to make that very clear before reviewing his music.

Dababy’s KIRK album, published in 2019, consists of a few good songs here and there like VIBEZ, BOP and POP STAR, but really offers no variety. We rate the song, THERE HE GO a 2/10 due to the inaudible singing and loud background noises, which made our dislike for the overall album very high. In general, the beats sound very similar to each other, especially in BOP and PROLLY HEARD, which makes it very boring for the listener, and would most likely make them lose interest in the album very quickly. Overall, KIRK wasn’t a very satisfying album from a listener standpoint, and never offered anything special to the music industry.

Published in March of 2019, Dababy’s BABY ON BABY album was definitely our favorite out of the three. Our most highly rated songs were Best Friend (feat. Rich The Kid), Goin Baby and Pony, because we found that you could listen to these songs at any time. Most of the songs in the album were pretty repetitive, but we enjoyed the variety in beats from Dababy. After listening to this album, we came to the realization that it’s pretty difficult for rappers to create new and fresh content that gets the approval of all listeners, so we adjusted our ratings a little bit. Overall, this album was a much better listen than his previous album, KIRK.

Dababy’s latest album release, BLAME IT ON THE BABY, published in April of 2020, brought fun and unique beats to the music industry. Our favorite song, NASTY (feat. Ashanti and Megan Thee Stallion), consisted of a catchy beat and great collaborations. Unlike his album KIRK, BLAME IT ON THE BABY included lots of different collaborations with well-known artists in the industry. We found his lyrics to be very catchy throughout this album, and the rhythm in his beats were very engaging for the audience. All in all, Dababy’s BLAME IT ON THE BABY album has been ranked second by us behind BABY ON BABY, with a 6/10 rating.

After listening to KIRK, BABY ON BABY and BLAME IT ON THE BABY, we are surprised as to how much our opinion on Dababy has changed. Before going into this review, we both really enjoyed Dababy’s music, especially from the album KIRK, but after critiquing each song on all his albums, we’ve found that KIRK ended up being our least favorite, and ultimately Dababy has gone down in our rankings of artists.