Gorgeous Gourds: Unique pumpkin carving ideas

Maddie Turnbull , Staff Writer



1. Bone-chilling! Ditch the boring cooler, and add a festive seasonal twist to any gathering this season. Simply carve out a large pumpkin, clean it out using a large spoon and use a paper towel to help dry out the inside. Add ice and your favorite beverage and enjoy. Bonus: Use a Cricut machine to cut vinyl out, and apply to the front for an added wow.









2. Spook-tacular cell! Simply create a fake jail for your pumpkin. Start out by simply cutting a large square out in the middle of your pumpkin. Clean out the inside to create space for your mini skeleton inmates and other accessories. Paint wooden dowels or chopsticks and push them into the pumpkin evenly spaced. Bonus: Get a remote-controlled candle to place inside to create a spooky environment after dark.








3. Dress up any space with a pumpkin vase! Simply find a medium-sized pumpkin and carve around the steam to create an opening for your flowers. Add in your flowers, real or fake, and fill it up. Fake flowers from JoAnns or Michels will last longer than real flowers from Trader Joe’s or Kroger. Bonus: Add ribbon around the top to add in an extra touch of fall.









4. Frank-o-lantern! Simply start by carving the face out of your pumpkin and put it to the side. Then, carve a mouth and eyes on the face that you just took off. Using either googly eyes or any type of eye, attach to the inside of the pumpkin using push-pins and fishing line. Then, attach the face back onto the side using push pins and skewers. Bonus: Add in skeleton hands on the side to make it look like it’s holding its face.








5. Add a splash of paint! Simply find any design and add some color. Be sure to prime your pumpkin to ensure your paint lasts, as using an outdoor weather resistant craft paint will make sure your design lasts all throughout the spooky season. Some of the best paints available are Arteza, Magicfly and MyArtscape. Bonus: Add glow in the dark paint to your pumpkin to make them extra spooky, or use glue and glitter to make them sparkle.