Song by song: Montero album review


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Sophia Kapla '23, Copy Editor

INDUSTRY BABY: The beat is immaculate. This song can hype people up for any occasion, whether it be for sports events or just listening in the car. This is definitely the best song on the album.
SCOOP: The track is very good for when you’re chilling at home, and I think the track is complete with Doja Cat’s appearance. She makes the song more interesting, and I love that she is on the album.
THE ART OF REALIZATION: I don’t understand the purpose of this short track, maybe it was to shoot a message about how the album was released but I’m not sure.
SUN GOES DOWN: Two words to describe this would be very chill. It’s an extremely laid-back song. Probably not my favorite song but it’s something to listen to when you’re chilling out. It’s definitely a song to vibe to early in the morning or late at night.
Dead Right Now: It’s very repetitive and boring, but it’s just a good song to listen to at any time. It sounds a lot like many of his other songs on the album.
AM I DREAMING: It’s very slow, and I feel like the song doesn’t match with Lil Nas X’s style. I don’t really like how he collaborated on this song with Miley Cyrus, because they have very different styles of music.
TALES OF DOMINICA: This song is similar to Dead Right Now because it’s also very slow and repetitive. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you are looking for a very chill song to listen to.
LIFE AFTER SALEM: You could listen to this whenever you want to have a jam out session or belting in the car, but other than that I don’t really think I would listen to it again.
DON’T WANT IT: This song is definitely one of the better songs on the album. I like that he used his accomplishments and incorporated them into the song. I thought that was interesting.
ONE OF ME: This track sounds like many of the songs on the album. It’s not very special and I probably wouldn’t listen to it again, I also don’t understand why Elton John is featured. I feel they are way different when it comes to music.
VOID: This is the slowest song on the album and I think it’s very different from the rest of the songs. It’s not one of my favorites from this album. I don’t like how sad it feels, but it definitely breaks the album up from all its hype and craziness.
THAT’S WHAT I WANT: I don’t mind this song because it blends in with the rest of the album. This would probably be my third or fourth favorite song on the album.
DOLLAR SIGN SLIME: The song is one of the better ones on the album. I love that he incorporated Megan thee stallion into the album. I think them together in a song was a good choice.