Five minutes with Wheeler

Emmett O, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy: (Brandon Wheeler)

The new Athletic Director Brandon Wheeler jumps excitedly into South athletics.
Wheeler previously worked at Leland High School, where he coached soccer, basketball and golf. He attended Michigan State University and graduated with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Wheeler has a wife named Cassie and a son named Jonathan, who is only 5 months old.
“I’ve been on the job since August, and I’m glad to be here,” Wheeler said. “I’m really enjoying the community, staff and students.”
Wheeler said the culture of sports is one of the most important takeaways from his time as a coach. Wheeler said his biggest goal as an Athletic Director is to assist coaches in building the relationships between the players and coaches and emphasizing that culture throughout the entire athletic department. Wheeler emphasizes the fact that he wants coaches, players and even students to realize that he is there for them and will work for them. Wheeler said he has had a constant interest in sports, even before the athletic director position. He said he would want to have dinner with Tom Brady out of all athletes.
“ Tom Brady has the ability to overcome anything no matter what and has proved how good he is many times after being doubted,” Wheeler said.