From the football field, an urge to mask up on the sidelines

Mike Hamilton '22, Associate Editor of Pulse

With the 2021 Fall sports season ramping up, one big question up for debate is how to handle fan attendance. Last season, the Michigan High School Athletic Association limited attendance at games by allowing just two tickets per player. While not ideal, the purpose was to create enough space for social distancing while still allowing family members of players to watch in-person. They also offered a live stream for most games so that other family and friends could still get a view of the action.
This year, however, there aren’t any plans to have regular live streams of games and there have been no restrictions on attendance put out by MHSAA. While most are excited to get back to normal, the mask mandate put out by Wayne County on Friday, August 27, suggests that our school isn’t in the clear by any means.
So what is the right way to have spectators this season? As a Varsity Football player, I believe that masks should be required for all patrons the same way it is for students in school. While I want every possible person in the stands during a home game, I also recognize the importance of safety for not only my peers but the public. I wouldn’t want any of my teammates to sit out due to exposure, or worse, having contracted COVID-19.
Luckily, South has a beautiful stadium with lots of room for people to spread out if they wish to not wear a mask, but according to a member of the Devil’s Den, there were approximately 100 students in attendance for a season-opening soccer game in which no masking or distancing precautions were taken. I believe it is just as important to have fans in week one as it is for the playoffs and requiring masks to be worn in the stands ensures everyone is able to have fun and stay safe throughout the fall.