Sports Recap: The highs and lows of the season


Genevieve Boutrous

As spring sports start to come to an end for this year, it’s time to look back at this season and recognize both the challenges and successes that came along with it. Aside from COVID, members of the lacrosse and tennis teams thought their season consisted of lots of fun and improvements.

JV lacrosse player Meredith Tiderington ‘23 said the season started off slightly rough. Unfortunately, the girls team got quarantined for two weeks, having to call off many of their games.

“The girls on the team and the sport itself made it all worth it in the end,” Tiderington said “Quarantine definitely affected our season because we ended up having to cancel important games that all of us were really looking forward to.”

Varsity tennis player Megan Kornmeier 23 had a similar experience regarding quarantine.

“Our tryouts got delayed, which made for a rough start to the season, and a lot of people kept getting quarantined which made things a little more difficult,” Kornmeir said. “But the team placed second at regionals, and all of our players made it to the finals, which was a really cool experience.”

The girl’s JV lacrosse team has officially ended for the year, and Tiderington said she was proud of the team despite the bumps in the road. She said the highlight of the season was winning against Rochester within the last five seconds of the game.

“The team did a great job of staying motivated and ready to play at all times,” Tiderington said.“It was our first win at the Rochester game, so everyone, including our coach, was so excited and happy.” “It was almost like we won the Super Bowl.”

Kornmeier’s tennis team is still playing game after game and is headed to states in one week, taking place in Okemos. She said she’s very hopeful for how the matches will turn out. “I think I’m speaking for all of my teammates when I say how thrilled we all are for our upcoming state championship,” Kornmeier said. “I’m just excited to compete at a higher level.”

Both Tiderington and Kornmeier said they can conclude that this season especially was a very difficult one to stay active in, regarding the quarantines of the entire team and individual players.