What is the point of having finals?

Nicholas Louisell '23, Staff Writer

As the 2020-21 school year comes to an end, it marks yet another year without final exams. Final exams are a time where all students are studying hard and cramming to get the last bits of information.

“I think my mental health improves (when there are no final exams) because it can be a stressful time for many students, including myself, to study for multiple final exams at one time,” Caden Handwork ’21 said. “Too many times over the past four years I have been here I have been stressed out studying for midterms and final exams.”

Due to the pandemic, midterm and final exams were canceled.. They were canceled due to the amount of time spent on online learning, as many students and educators, like English teacher Danielle Peck, felt online learning was not effective.

“I was happy to see them (administration) combine first and second quarter grades and have that be the semester grade, rather than having them count each for 40 percent and then having a 20 percent final,” Peck said.

Montgomery County School District in Alabama has gotten rid of final exams altogether and has replaced them with a project. They have seen much success in making the switch.

“I believe the Montgomery experiment is worth a try because it could lead more students to take a different set of final exams that are much better than those the school system is requiring,” One teacher said.

Many students, like Andrew Hakim ’23, said they believe that getting rid of midterms and finals will be very beneficial to their mental health

“I hope the Grosse Pointe Public School System gets rid of finals, as it benefits the student body as a whole by reducing stress and anxiety,” Hakim said. “For me, the point of high school is going and trying to learn as much information as you can. Cramming all the information into one test at the end of the year doesn’t help me learn the information.”

There have been multiple meetings between administrators and teaching staff on whether or not to get rid of final exams altogether due to the pandemic.

It will be interesting to see how the district handles this and if they make final exams optional they give us a choice of either an exam or presentation or if you already have a good enough grade you don’t need to do either of them as you clearly understand the material.