Gaining perspective from participation


Ryan Caldwell '21, photo editor

With us seniors having just a few weeks of school left at South, I have decided to reflect on some of my favorite clubs, classes, activities and sports I have been a part of. All of these experiences have helped me grow and enrich my experience at South. While I can’t go through all of the things I have participated in, I still hope to give good advice on some amazing activities South has to offer.

The first extracurricular club I ever joined at South was DECA, a competitive business club where I competed with a partner for four years in the buying and merchandising category. I learned valuable skills, such as presentation skills and creative thinking, and throughout high school, DECA provided me with the most engaging critical thinking experience. After the district competition, I qualified twice for the state competition downtown which was extremely fun and rewarding, as I completed alongside my peers during a fun weekend in Detroit.

I participated in two varsity sports in high school: soccer and basketball. Both of which I was able to grow from a little, afraid kid, to a confident, fierce competitor. I made plenty of friends in the process, and enriched my love of the two sports in all four years. Sports at South provided me with challenges that were not only helpful as an athlete, but as a person. I became more mentally strong and willing to overcome obstacles.

I came into high school eager to be a member of The Tower. I had a lot of fun doing journalism in middle school and was excited to write for the high school paper. I made it through honors journalism and became a staff writer my sophomore year and had an amazing class and progressed as a writer. I made connections with staff members across all grades and had a great time being embraced in a mini-community.

While I participated in a few more clubs in activities, now I will shine light on a few of my favorite classes. I really enjoyed Spanish 4/5 with El Capitán, because he really made me enjoy the language and culture. I also really liked Sports Marketing with Mr. Cooper, since I am a big sports fan. Mr. Cooper’s discussions were very engaging and non-teacher dominant, which made the class very open for student opinion.

I have loved my time at South, and for all of the opportunities the school has provided me, I am thankful.