Bagel bonanza; the best bagels in Grosse Pointe

Bridget Doyle , Copy Editor

Eastside Bagel
Located on Harper Avenue, Eastside Bagel provides some of the best bagels around town. With a large menu that provides all sorts of foods and drinks, from bagels and sandwiches to coffee and smoothies, Eastside Bagel offers something for everyone. Eastside Bagel even provides catering with bagels and cream cheese, which is perfect for a morning meeting or get-together. My personal favorite bagel is the everything bagel with garlic and chive cream cheese, but with the wide selection of bagels and cream cheeses, you can’t go wrong with Eastside Bagel.

Einstein Bros. Bagel, a classic,local go-to place nestled in The Village, is the perfect place to grab a nearby bagel. Einstein offers a large selection of bagels and cream cheeses as well as delicious breakfast sandwiches. Although Einstein currently doesn’t offer dine-in, the service is quick and efficient, allowing for a quick pick-up. I recommend Einstein’s breakfast sandwiches as well as their poppy seed bagels.

Although it takes a hike to get to Wally’s, as it is located in St. Clair shores, Wally’s breakfast selection is well worth the drive. Despite the fact that Wally’s is well-known for its frozen custard and desserts, Wally’s breakfast bagels and burritos are equally delicious. With its fast drive-thru service, Wally’s is the perfect place to grab a quick bagel if you are willing to drive out to St. Clair Shores.