Book to film adaptation, “Juperter’s Legacy”, dissatisfies viewers


Bridget Doyle '21, Copy Editor

Creator Steven S. Deknight, Netflix’s newest TV Series “Jupiter’s Legacy” has brought Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s best selling comic book series “Jupiter’s Legacy” by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely to life through an action-packed, thrilling series.

“Jupiter’s Legacy” follows the children of famous superheroes that have kept the world safe for centuries as they deal with the problems that come with being a superhero, such as power, loyalty and family troubles. While this idea seems interesting and captivating, the portrayal of these struggles on screen falls below par.

The start of the series is undoubtedly slow and almost boring, and there are one too many flashbacks within the first several episodes. In fact, the plot soon became confusing and my brain started to hurt after finishing the first episode. The characters were enjoyable to watch and it was entertaining to learn about each superhero and their powers, but after that, the show scrambled itself into a big mess with all the detail focused on the wrong things.

One aspect I did enjoy about “Jupiter’s Legacy” was the overarching theme of family. After all, the show’s plot revolves around the children of superheroes and their need to keep up their families’ super reputation. The characters make it known that family is extremely important, as Sheldon Sampson (Josh Duhamel), a Utopian man, tells his kids that “service, compassion, mercy” are the three words that the family should live by, as those three words are their code. I enjoyed the effort to embed a good message within the series, despite all of the violence.

Overall, I would only recommend this series to those who genuinely enjoy superhero movies. Otherwise, I guarantee most viewers would turn off the show in frustration and confusion after one episode. The show’s portrayal of these superhero children is a mess, but I appreciate the overlying theme of the show. You can find this series on Netflix in the “New Releases” section.

3/5 stars. TV-MA.