Weighing in on the best sushi in the area

Blufin Sushi
Blufin Sushi on Mack is a Grosse Pointe go-to. With fast service and a wide variety of sushi and other items on the menu it’s the perfect place for dinner with friends or family. The restaurant is always full of people inside dining and outdoor dining when the weather gets nice. Blufin Sushi was designed to resemble an authentic, rustic Japanese sushi house. This staple of Grosse Pointe has been around since 2009 and has been rated as number 7 best sushi in metro Detroit. They use fresh seafood for their sushi and also offer American and Asian food. Although their appetizers can be expensive they have many to choose from. A personal favorite is the Grosse Pointer roll with a side of chicken fried rice, it’s the perfect meal for lunch or dinner. I would give Blufin a 4.5/5 for their great food and service.
Koi Nu Asian
This Asian cuisine is a new addition to the Village in Grosse Pointe. The restaurant is very welcoming and pleasing to look at with art hanging on the walls and down from the ceiling. The sushi is pretty good and they always use fresh ingredients. Koi Nu Asian is a great place to go for a casual dining experience. Although I am a fan of their sushi, I don’t think its the best thing they offer, with many classic Asian dishes sushi would be a great starter before a Chicken Satay or Yaki Udon. Overall Koi Nu Asian is a great new addition to downtown Grosse Pointe. 4.5/5

TN Thai Bistro
Another classic Grosse Pointe sushi place. This is what I would consider the best sushi place for take out, only because the inside is pretty outdated but the food is great. TN Thai is not known for their sushi, although they do have a variety of rolls to choose from. The best things to get there are on the main menu such as crispy chicken spring rolls, spicy drunken noodles and pad thai. Overall, I would recommend TN Thai as a great carry cheap carry out for Thai food. 4/5

The easiest and cheapest way to get sushi is going to the local Kroger. With tons of variety of rolls and fresh seafood daily. If you are ever on a grocery run and get a little sushi crave head over by the meat counter to be pleasantly surprised by the sushi. Although the rice isn’t as sticky as most restaurants the rolls taste fresh and are a great snack or meal!