Students in the Stock market

Students in the Stock market

Nick Louisell ‘23 , Staff writer

The Stock market has recently excited more and more young traders. With the explosion of Wall Street bets on Reddit, there have been more and more High School to college age students trading stocks. Recently with the GameStop stock trend, it has really caught the eye of many students at South. A lot of these new Traders consider themselves retail Traders, which means they buy fast and they sell fast.

Sophomore Owen Parent ‘23 said when he was in eighth grade he did a stock simulation course in his social studies class. He attributed that to the main reason why he is in the stock market today.
“I think it’s very important for students to get involved in the stock market at a young age, as it is a good way for students to make money,” Parent said.
According to senior Bennett Smihal ‘21, he got interested in the stock market over the first coronavirus quarantine.
“There was not much going on and I thought it would be an interesting time to find a new interest, and I found the stock market particularly interesting,” Smihal said.

Parent said I check my portfolio every time I can and that I’m a very active Trader, but would not consider myself a day-trader.
According to Smihal, he checks his portfolio every so often but he is more of a long-term investor, which means he buys his stock and holds it for a few years.

With newcomers in the stock market especially people that don’t have a clue and what they’re investing in will get burned. Earlier this year a 20 year old committed suicide after he saw a negative balance of $800,000 in his Robinhood account.The family of the boy tried to sue Robinhood for negligence the lawsuit is still going.

According to Parent, it is important to go into the market with a strategy. It’s essential to buy companies that you believe in and that you have done research on to make sure it is a safe investment.
“Minimizing risk is the best way to succeed in the stock market,” Parent said.

Students should be aware when trading especially in a fast paced market. Now more than ever with instant trades it’s easy to get caught up in buy one hour and sell the next.Students Stock Info