Recognizing hard work

Our View

The return to hybrid learning has taken a large effort from teachers and our custodial and engineering staff. There are many things to consider when bringing kids back to school with sickness spreading and it is no easy task for those who facilitate it. We at The Tower applaud the efforts of those staff members who have put so much effort into working for a safe return.

Oftentimes the work our custodial staff goes unnoticed day-to-day and now more than ever we should show our appreciation for the work they do. On top of their regular duties, many more expectations of more frequent cleaning and disinfection are expected and whether we see it or not, the work is very important in keeping us safe.

Our engineers and custodial staff work tirelessly, putting themselves in harms way to ensure our safety and peace of mind. Cleaning possibly infected surfaces and moving room to room puts them at a high chance of infection, and their dedication to continue working in this situation is commendable. It takes pressure off of students and teachers in an already stressful time.

Over the past year that we have been in online learning mode, the teachers here at Grosse Pointe South and across the district have done so much for students. Faced with creating and implementing an almost entirely new curriculum overnight, they worked tirelessly to ensure that South students received the quality education that students have grown accustomed to.

Through it all, teachers have endured criticism from the community over an extremely difficult situation in which they had little control. It is important for us to remember that these are extremely difficult times for all of us, and that every step of the way teachers have given their all for students.

It is nearly impossible for the staff to police students at all times to ensure that all are following protocol. So, we would like to thank the students of Grosse Pointe South for their fluidity and cooperation with the ever changing schedule and procedures, working as a student body to keep our community safe.

The constant dedication of both staff and students has allowed us to do the unthinkable and, before the end of the school year, return to face to face learning. Thank you to all who have played a role in this accomplishment as we work towards a more normal tomorrow.