Deacon Blue’s quarantined album “City Of Love” is lyrically unique

Mairin Heimbuch '21, Staff Writer

Deacon Blue, a Scottish pop rock band formed in Glasgow during 1985, dropped their first single of their new mini album called “Riding on the Tide of Love,” released on Friday, Feb. 5. Their record is a continuation of their previous album called “City Of Love.” It includes a total of eight songs, and totals to be approximately 30 minutes long.

This album was recorded during quarantine, so everyone came to the studio to record their parts separately. Despite being separated, the band felt that they were brought together by the love they each put into their own parts. The album name is meant to signify optimism in the face of a bad series of events, like COVID-19, and how love is the best and only way out.

Each song on the album was unique and evoked a deeper meaning within the lyrics. The first song that really caught my attention was “Send a Note Out,” especially because of the lyrics. It was about the importance of telling others what’s on your mind before it’s too late. The vibe was very chill and relaxing, which made it enjoyable to listen to while doing my homework. I really liked the different instruments featured in this song, especially the electric guitar that was subtly played in the background. Although the beat in the background was quiet, it added so much to the song, helping to emphasize the lead singer’s voice and impactful lyrics.

My other favorite song on the album, “Not Gonna Be That Girl,” started off with a subtle, calming piano, and gradually got more upbeat as the song progressed. I enjoyed how as the lead singer, Ricky Ross, began to sing louder, horns and guitars were added in the background, keeping me interested throughout the song. The lyrics, once again, evoked an important message of love. Ross sang with a lot of emotion, making the song catchy and more relatable.

The rest of the songs on this album were all unique and had their own interesting message to uncover in the lyrics. I loved how some of the songs had a calm vibe to them, while others were more upbeat and included more instruments. I would rate this album an 8/10, because I enjoyed all of the songs so much, but also I have heard better albums by other bands. For Deacon Blue, I think this album was one of their best, and I’m excited to see what’s next for them in regards to their new mini album.